thedata has been a leading supplier of specialised software services for the Financial Services Industry for over 15 years.

We produce the market leading FSAssist & SIIAssist Insurance Regulatory Returns software - a system which allowed the production of regulatory returns for the UK and European insurance industry in a familiar and easy to use Excel format.

In addition to the core Excel functionality the software includes comprehensive validation testing and the ability to output data in the required XBRL and CSV formats

Our team has very broad experience of the financial sector with expertise in banking, insurance, marketing and computing. The clients we support include a wide range of Insurance Companies in the UK and across Europe.


SIIAssist has been designed to meet the reporting requirements specified by the European Insurance and Occupational Pension Authority (EIOPA) and applied across the EEA.

The software allows users to complete their returns in a familiar Microsoft® Excel environment. All the usual data management features of Excel are available, along with data import and validation functionality, which dramatically cuts the time it takes to produce the returns.

The software will also produce the National Specific Templates (NSTs) specified by regulators in the UK and Ireland.

Further information is available on our web site



UK Non-directive Firms (NSFs) who are outside of the scope of Solvency II will continue to be regulated by the Bank of England under rules very similar to the pre-Solvency II reporting regime. Full details are still being worked on by the PRA.

We are in the process of adapting the existing FSAssist Insurance Returns software to continue to help firms reporting under this regime going forward, full details of which will be set out on the web site